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Give Your Flooring a

Give Your Mattress a Real Clean

Tile, wood, and stone surfaces require specific levels of care, our technicians get an in depth clean without disrupting important sealants. Over time, harmful chemicals can eat away at your flooring; not only do our products not eat away at your flooring, but our techniques actually work with, and reinforce your floors original sealant without leaving toxic residue throughout your home. 

While our all purpose cleaning solution works anywhere around the world, our floor cleaning services are currently limited to New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. COI available upon request.


Give Your Mattress a Real Clean

Our Customers

Certified To Work With All Material Types
Certified on All Sealants & Finishes
Careful & Detail Oriented Service
Dedicated to Provide Results


The Process:

Stage 1: Material and Stain Analysis

Stage 2: Moving of Furniture

Stage 3: Pre-Vacuuming for Pet Hair Removal and Lint removal

Stage 4: Stain Removal (FREE of charge, included in each package offered)

Stage 5: High-Pressure Steam-Extraction Cleaning 

Stage 6: Drying


All Purpose Solution

High-Pressure Steam-Extraction 

All Products used are:

Non toxic

Kid Friendly

Pet Friendly

Never tested on animals

Made with 100% green energy

Made in the USA

Fragranced with essential oils

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